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1 To analysis at collected level the economic life,General consepts, economic activity and Its actors, scarcity law, behavior of homo economicus,
2 Market, demand and elements affecting demand,Supply and elemets affecting supply, market equilibrium, changes in market balance
3 Elasticity, supply and demand elasticities, calculation forms and Its comments
4 Consumer balance: Utility analysis, indifference curves, and budget line, determination of consumer balance
5 Production theory: law of diminishing returns, isoquant curve, cost line, determination of long run production cost
6 Firm revanues, firm balance, (At short and long run, firm equilibrium analysis in perfect competition market)
7 Midterm exam
8 Determination of monopoly firm’s revanue functions and firm equilibrium, Comparing firm’s equilibrium between in perfect competition market and monopoly market
9 To analysis at macro level the economic life GNP, Analyzing of basic determinats of gross national product
10 Calculating forms of national income and Its comments, determination of national income’s equilibrium level in terms of aggregate demand and supply, investment and saving
11 Explanation of accelerator and multiplier mechanisms in form of geometrical and algebraic, the forms and rationales of government intervenes to economic life and this stuation’s affects on national income
12 Historical process of Money, Formation process of banking foundation, relations between the supply and value of Money and employment-income
13 Income distribution and evaluations interested this, Relation between economic growth and economic development
14 International economic relations


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