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1 General concepts of strain and stress. Elastic and inelastic deformation of materials
2 Concept of thermodynamic stability in materials. Crystalline structure, defects and microstructure in solids.
3 Slip in crystals. Schmid´s law. Lattice rotations during slip. Deformation textures.
4 Properties of dislocations. Partial dislocations and stacking faults.
5 Dislocation Mechanics.
6 Strain hardening and strain gradient hardening.
7 Grain refinement hardening and thermo-mechanical processes of metals.
8 Solid solution and dispersion hardening.
9 Age hardening.
10 Mid-term exam
11 Simple fracture and basics of fracture mechanics, Ductile to brittle transition temperature behavior of metals
12 Fatigue of Metals: Parameters and S-N curves, fatigue crack propagation and prevention of fatigue.
13 Materials behavior at elevated temperature. Prevention of creep failure.
14 Mechanical behavior of materials at micro scale.


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