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1 Seismology and structure of earth, crust structre.
2 Principle of seismic wave spread: reflection, refraction and transmission
3 Used Recievers and artificial energy sources on land, sea and deep hole.
4 Factors of efected seismic wave. Reflection and transmission coefficients.
5 To absorb repeated reflection. Seismic refraction method. Noise analysis. Seismic land inventions
6 Shared reflection point technics. Statics and dynamic corrections
7 Velocity concepts in seismic reflection and velocity analysis.
8 Entering seismic data-process methods and to prepare stack cross sections
9 Migration and depth transformation
10 Current article about seismic data-process
11 Current article about seismic data-process
12 Current article about seismic data-process
13 Current article about to interpretation seismic cross sections
14 Current article about to prepare 2D and 3D seismic reflection cross sections


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