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1 Basic concepts related to care services (to be needy for care, degree of the need, continuity of the care, risk of being needy for care)
2 Introduction of home care, scope of the services, target population (short and long term home care)
3 Evde bakım hizmetlerinde aile bireyi veya bakıcının rolü Role of the nurse and family members in home care.
4 Social service approaches in the processes of home care services (multi disciplinary approach).
5 Organization of home care services.
6 The reasons that create the needs for home care services: Demographic change and elderly population; changes in family structure.
7 changes in medical technology; insufficiencies in institutional care services; increased costs in medical services.
8 Home care services in the concept of social security systems and examples from countries.
10 Care insurance
11 Home care services in the countries that adopt social security (Germany, Israel, Japan, Netherland)
12 Home care services in the countries that adopt tax based systems (Denmark, Austria, and Great Britain).
13 Home care services in Turkey (From past to today).
14 Home care services in Turkey (Strategic Developments).


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Ders Kaynakları Oğlak, Sema, Evde Bakım Hizmetleri ve Bakım Sigortası,İskenderun Bel. Kültür Yay.2008

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