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1 An overview of the lesson
2 And consequences of the French Revolution (1789-1815), the Congress of Vienna, 1830-1848 revolutions
3 And Western Europe and the emerging Ottoman renaissance diplomacy, the Industrial Revolution and its consequences, the German and Italian national associations
4 Imperialism, XIX. century European and Ottoman diplomacy
5 Non-European world: anti-Western movements, America, Central and East Asia developments
6 Disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and the First Crises before World War I. World War II, and the results
7 Significant developments of the period between 1919-1939
8 Second World War (1939-1945
10 And Developments in the Postwar World Balance of Power
11 Cold War Era
12 New Factors in International Relations and Exchanges
13 After the war, Turkish Foreign Policy and developments (1945-1990)
14 New World Order: Problems of Cyprus and the Aegean Turkish-Greek relations, the U.S., the EU, the Balkans, the Middle East and East Asia developments


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