Course Name Code Semester T+U Hours Credit ECTS
Consumers Law ISL 448 8 2 + 0 2 5
Precondition Courses
Recommended Optional Courses
Course Language Turkish
Course Level Bachelor's Degree
Course Type Optional
Course Coordinator Dr.Öğr.Üyesi DOĞA EKREM DOĞANCI
Course Lecturers
Course Assistants
Course Category Basic Teaching Suitable For Field
Course Objective

To explain to the students the provisions and the rules of “Turkish Consumer Protection Code numbered 4077 ” according to EU legislation , by that to çreate a consumer environment consciously,at the same time to provide the consuming of the students as a perfect and conscious consumer and to use the related procedure about the consumer complaints.

Course Content

The subjects will be based related to consumer health and security , economical benefits , damage and losses , to protect from environmental dangers , consumer attempts , consumer organizations , consumer education and clarification.

# Course Learning Outcomes Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
1 To examine and interrogate the working forms and the subjects by the critical ways. Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Testing, Homework,
2 To be conscious about the consumer problems and the opinions which born at present day. Discussion, Question-Answer, Lecture, Homework, Testing,
3 To put a true identification to the actions with the knowledge of subjects and procedure related to consumer law. Discussion, Question-Answer, Lecture, Homework, Testing,
4 To learn the rights and to obstruct the deception about conscious consuming. Discussion, Question-Answer, Lecture, Homework, Testing,
Week Course Topics Preliminary Preparation
1 Consumer Protection concept , historical growing in USA , Europe and EU , the goal and the scope of consumer protection and the clarification. related lecture notes
2 The concept of the defected good and service , definition , elements, consumer requests from defected goods and services, prescription periods. related lecture notes
3 General transaction terms in law , unfair terms in transactions. related lecture notes
4 Sales in installment , Sales with campaigne , definition and elements. related lecture notes
5 Door sales , definition and elements related lecture notes
6 Periodic vacation , Package tour and interval agreements , definition , elements and agreement contents. related lecture notes
7 Consumer credits related lecture notes
8 Card of credits related lecture notes
9 General terms related lecture notes
10 Periodic publications , Subscriber agreements related lecture notes
11 Warranties, after sale services related lecture notes
12 Commercial advertisements and announcements related lecture notes
13 Consumer establishments , Consumer Problems Arbitration Board , consumer courts related lecture notes
14 Judicial Procedure of consumer law related lecture notes
Course Notes
Course Resources

Yılmaz, Aslan, Tüketici Hukuku, 2015;

Aydın Zevkilier/ Çağlar Özeli Tüketicinin Korunması Hukukuku, 2016   

Murat, Aydoğdu, Tüketici Hukuku Dersleri, 2020

Order Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
1 Our students will have fundamental knowledge in business administration. X
2 Our students will be able to work in teams, and share information with team members in tasks of business administration
3 Our students will identify and analyse problems to offer solutions in tasks of business administration. X
4 Our students will participate in projects about business administration process and tasks. X
5 Our students will accept responsibility in order to conclude tasks of business administration.
6 Our students will define ethical problems in work environment and generate solutions. X
7 Our students can transfer their knowledge and suggestions with technology supported tools and written communication skills.
8 Our students can transfer their knowledge and suggestions by written and verbal communication skills. X
Evaluation System
Semester Studies Contribution Rate
1. Ara Sınav 60
1. Kısa Sınav 10
1. Ödev 15
2. Ödev 15
Total 100
1. Yıl İçinin Başarıya 50
1. Final 50
Total 100
ECTS - Workload Activity Quantity Time (Hours) Total Workload (Hours)
Course Duration (Including the exam week: 16x Total course hours) 16 3 48
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 16 2 32
Mid-terms 1 10 10
Quiz 1 5 5
Assignment 2 10 20
Final examination 1 15 15
Total Workload 130
Total Workload / 25 (Hours) 5.2
dersAKTSKredisi 5