Program Öğrenme Çıktıları
Program Öğrenme Çıktıları
1 To have enough knowledge about sports management and to have qualification about transforming for all people-professionals and nonprofessionals- in their areas.
2 To have management qualification and planning about occupational development in sports management.
3 To have ability about expressing as verbal and writing and to have ability about practising time and stress management.
4 To get qualification for open-minded in newness and continuously renew yourself
5 To get accustomed for following actuality in their countries and world
6 To practise about prepare national and international sports organizations and to get qualification about making a decision by get a responsibility in unpredictable situations
7 To get qualification at least one foreign language for comminication with his colleagues and can use and follow and use for necessary knowledges in sports management areas.
8 To be qualified in a computer hardware and software use in computer technology and the use of comminacation tecnhnology at least to fullfil basic needs of sports management area.
9 To get how they pay attention about social, scientific and ethic values in collecting, commanding and transforming of sports management area.
10 To obtain applicational qualification to train high level athletes by using sports facilities and scientific programs in sports management area.
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