To be able to have  Mathematics Doctorate degree;

  • Students enrolled in the program must have at least eight degrees of mandatory and elective achievement as stipulated by the "EABD" presidency

  • A total of 66 ECTS credits with a seminar course and a specialization course taken every semester must be successful.
  • To be able to progress to the proficiency level, the grade level of 3.00 must be provided.
  • the registered student of the programa must fulfill the condition of publication and outsourcing project in accordance with the Senate Principles of the SAU Graduate Education Regulation at the thesis stage
  • student's thesis must be found successful by thesis defense jury.
  • Successful student must submit four binding thesis along with documents and documents required by the Higher Education Council to the Institute of Science and Technology within one month following the thesis defense date.

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    In order to gain the degree, the student is required to have minimum 60 ECTS credits lectures (from the graduate course programme) and successfully completed them. Then, the student should prepare a thesis after caring out a research on a topic supervised by a senior lecturer. On a successful submission of thesis, student is required to give a successful oral examination on his/her work.
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