Our ultimate objective is to educate mechanical engineering graduates who are;
1) Prepared and equipped with the required professional knowledge as an engineer in both industry and academia
2) Well oriented and agreed for the fundamentals of mechanical engineering
3) Ability for learning new applications, at both research and implementation level, from an objective perspective
4) Aptitude for working and collaborating within a team by socially-developed and effective communication skills
5) well-aware of requirements of a globally competitive modern world and showing a high-level of responsibility in terms of professional ethics.
1) To prepare engineering graduates for a successful profession by educating with application skills of fundamental scientific knowledge in the engineering practice
2) To provide the necessary technical, academic and practical knowledge and application confidence in the design and assessment of machines or mechanical systems or industrial processes with considerations of productivity, feasibility and environmental and social aspects.
3) to develop skills and abilities in describing, formulating, modeling and proposing potential solutions for the engineering problem at hand, considering potential simplified or idealized conditions and experimentation for all necessary conclusions
4) to educate mechanical engineers with the abilities and performance to participate or manage professional teams or multi-disciplinary groups together with the effective oral and official communication skills.
5) to prepare for professional and social responsibilities in the realization of engineering activates in this current contemporary era
6) to present opportunities and usables for the understanding the up-to-date information
7) to orient the engineering students to the graduate studies and life-long learning and to emphasize significance of continuous education beyond undergraduate studies
8) to help the seniors to be have, at least, a partial expertise in a particular topic of mechanical engineering field.
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