It is to educate professional science teachers who have an important role in educating our country to be able to take place among the developed countries and to be able to respond to the needs of future generations so that they can become the leading country in science and technology and have professional competence in theory and practice.
• To educate well-trained science teachers at national and international level
• To become an effective branch of the national and international level suitable for the field of physical infrastructure
• To create an education and training environment in which professional information is revised and updated according to the needs of the period
• Promoting scientific and social activities that the lecturers and students can collaborate with
• Establishing a learning environment where discussion, inquiry and sharing, in which thinking skills and cooperation are active, ensure their continuity
• To ensure that the courses carried out at the undergraduate level are continuously renewed in parallel with the developments in national and international literature
• Take necessary initiatives to ensure that graduates have an outstanding place in their professional life
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