Students wishing to enroll the department must complete and achieve the processes- examinations- conditions identified by Student Selection and Placement Office (ÖSYM) and the special tests of Sakarya University based on student ability within the framework of the universitys legal and academic regulation. Students who have started studies in other universities within or outside of the country may apply for their recognition. The recognition record is unique for each student and therefore the procedure is carried out accordingly before the start of each academic year. More information about general admission requirements can be found in the catalogue of Information on the Institution.

In order to take special ability test-exam of Sakarya University, departments of Recreation and Sports Management at School of Physical Education and Sports, it is required to receive one of the four scores below from Student Selection Exam;
-For candidates graduted at sports department and national
sportmen, to receive minumum 160 points from the types of scores (ÖSS-SÖZ-1, ÖSS-SAY-1, Öss-EA-1 and ÖSS-DİL) in the Student Selection Exam (ÖSS).
- For candidates graduted at different departments, to receive minumum 185 points from the types of scores (ÖSS-SÖZ-1, ÖSS-SAY-1, Öss-EA-1 and ÖSS-DİL) in the Student Selection Exam.

For educational programs required to special ability will be organized and applied by our university according to program features and results of exams will be reflected as a score. This scoring will be referred herein Score of Special Ability Exam. Assessment of exam results of candidates is assessed through the scores of Secondary Education Achievement Score and Student Selection Exam Score in accordance with decision of Higher Education Council Presidency and Executive Board.

Under an established exchanges program or one approved by the University, exchange students from abroad may be accepted for studies on the courses taught in English. Or, if they are confident in Turkish, they may then enrol any courses, running in Turkish, shown on the Course Structure diagram.
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