Career Pscyhological Counseling/Non Thesis, Master´s (Second Cycle) program aims to provide individuals with knowledge, skills and competence in the field of career counseling , and thus, to increase the level of professional qualifications of individuals working in educational institutions; and to train individuals to develop professional competencies, a competence on management science principles and techniques of modern education, and effectively manage all kinds of human and material resources in a competitive environment.
To train specialists having qualification in the following areas:
1. Adequate level of knowledge, skills and competence on issues related to career counseling,
2. Knowledge, skills and competence on the basic concepts and new approaches in the field of career counseling
3. Motivation to work in the field of career counseling,
4. Enhanced ability to solve social problems,
5. Advanced skills to manage their emotions,
6. Critical thinking,
7. Working in teams,
8. Expressing oneself orally and in writing,
9. Obtaining, producing and using relevant knowledge and information,
10. Creativity and innovation capability,
11. Professional and ethical responsibility.
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