Our aim at the Mechanical Engineering Department:
- To provide education and training that would be acceptable at national and international level
- To train capable of both theoretical knowledge and application needs the ability to apply relevant industrial sectors, high-quality, contemporary Mechanical Engineers
- Information and technology development by supporting scientific and applied research in science and technology to contribute to universal
Faculty of Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as the curriculum of core courses required in the engineering discipline, capable of application in which the industry´s demand for qualified engineer application oriented courses are also included. In addition to hands-on training activities in the laboratory with the engine, motor vehicle performance tests, the exhaust emission measurements, the fuel produced in alternative fuel production and experimental investigation of the effects on engine performance, advanced tribological properties of engineering materials, CAD-CAM and mold manufacturing, finite element method research activities on topics such as the continued implementation of structural and thermal analysis can closely follow developments in the field, by integrating the theoretical with the application may appear in areas related industrial sectors, manufacturing, applied machine is aimed to train engineers.
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