Doctoral program; -credits must be at least 240 ECTS credits for students who are accepted with master degree- includes at least seven courses, seminar courses, specialization courses to be taken each semester, proficiency exam and dissertation studies that are agreed as compulsory by EABD / EASD.

Ph.D. students who complete lecture periods, have to take the proficiency exam before starting the thesis study.

In order to be able to take the proficiency exam, the weighted grade point average of PhD students must be at least 3.00. The student who can not provide the average condition is disconnected from the institute.

The PhD qualification examination is conducted in two parts: written and oral. Students who succeed in the written examination are taken to the oral examination. In order to be successful from the exams, it is necessary to have got at least 75 out of 100 from both exams.

After completing the course, the thesis must be submitted in a subject that will be determined under the supervision of the instructor.

The dissertation study must be published in an international academic journal cited by the Science Citation Index (SCI).

In addition, the student whose thesis is accepted is required to successfully present his work in front of the jury to be orally appointed.


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