* To accept what on read, discuss, interpreting, translation in foreign language
* To achieve world culture with foreign languages and literatures, to get across between humans, cultures and sciences
* To establish us culture and science studies with German language at world, to enrich world idea
* To analyze, search and interpret German literature and language from the 8th century to date, with sample text and work in theoretical and practical side
* To talk and discuss criticizing and interpreting the topics with audio, visual and communicational methods from historical and social point
* To benefit from ideas and thoughts by famous thinker, philosopher, linguist, writer, critic
* To enrich the knowledge with main lecture and other lecture as semantic, intercultural literature, comparative literature
* To build up the program with lecture as tourisms and guidance, English, translation, EU and Turkey relationship
* To capitalize the language with research, analysis, library studies, movie watching, discuss, oral write translations, domestic and abroad application
* To offer education in foreign universities for successful students
* To do comparative research between languages, literatures and cultures
* To have knowledge German Literature and Language and general culture with German Language and Literature program
* To achieve the teaching foreign language German with all cultural point in audio, visual and communicational for children, young and adult people.
* To do translation between German, Turkish and English
* To interpret about sense and idea, to assert one´s cultural right and to do interpret free with the language and cultural knowledge.
* To be employ in foreign language area in publishing concern, radio, TV, ministerial offices, banks and international public and private institute
* To be employ in researches about marketing, communication technologies, mass media, library, archives and documentary
* To do translate in areas as public notaries, courts, law, literature, social science
* To have knowledge and ability for employ in international firms
* To do develop his ideas, knowledge, ability and to deepen his knowledge with scientific research methods obtained
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