* To deepen the knowledge in German Language and Literature
* To learn and apply Scientific Research Methods
* To develop skills as understanding, interpreting and criticizing in German Language and Literature area
* To develop world idea, to asses and interpret idea and concept of studies
* To access a synthesis based on hypothesis
* To do research between language in national and international area
* To establish Turkish Language and Literature at world, by German Language and Literature with scientific compare studies
* To develop translation
* To deepen the knowledge in literature history and philosophy current
* To specialize in text sorts and modern linguistic currents
* To knowledge or to be on notice a new discipline about literature and linguistic
• To enrich write or oral works in German Language and Literature
• To learn how work with scientific research methods and to introduce how write a scientific studies
• To do interpreting and criticizing about reader, work, author, society, age
• To knowledge criticizing methods
• To do compare scientific studies about literature, language and interculture
• To knowledge at literature history, translation, philosophy current, modern linguistic, purpose and target of the department
• To prefer scientific, candid and original studies
• To argue, build up the original studies with world literature
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