Special Acceptance Conditions

1. ALES exam: At least numerically, ALES is required 55 or GRE is required 610. (ALES exam is valid for a period of 3 years, the GRE exam is valid for a period of 5 years).

2. Graduation requirements: To graduate from master Science in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry departments.

3. Foreign language requirements: The students who began studying the condition of release, as well as to be able to submit his thesis ÜDS at least "50" adopted by the Inter-points or equivalent in a foreign language must have a score points required. This requirement does not provide the student´s thesis can not deliver.

4. Publication condition: Master´s thesis, at least one national article produced and / or international papers (congresses, conferences, symposia) required to be received or accepted or the publication of an article prepared for publication shall be required to provide the institute with the thesis.


For a MSc, 50% of ALES exam score, %30 of Masters Degree grade and %20 of a scientific exam.