Special Acceptance Conditions

The conditions and quotas of the Turkish citizen and the foreign student to be taken to the graduate program with physics thesis are announced by the Institute of Science and Technology (www.fbe.sakarya.edu.tr) before the academic term is determined by the proposal of the relevant EABD / EASD presidency that the foreign language condition will not be applied or not.

For student candidates who are Turkish citizens;

  • It is necessary to get at least "55" points from the announced ALES score type in the program applied in the graduate program. 
  • Evaluation of success in admission to the graduate program with thesis: 50% of the ALES grade, 25% of the science exam grade, and 25% of the undergraduate grade.
  • Candidates who are below the "50" score on the science exam grade "100" and who fail to take the science exam are deemed unsuccessful and can not be registered. There is no excuse examination for the science exam. 
  • If the graduation note (the grading system used by the university during the course of study) is applied except for the 4-point grading system, the graduation grade of the applicant shall be calculated and evaluated according to the grading table determined by the YÖK.

For foreign nationals;

  • The quota may be increased if the relevant EABD / EASD presidency is requested.
  • The applicants must have an undergraduate or graduate grade average of at least "2.50" in the "4" grading system. 
  • Foreign language conditions are not required for foreign nationals.
  • ALES scores from the candidate's previous education completed outside of Turkey will not be asked. For candidates who have completed at least one previous study in Turkey, ALES score must have at least "45" or it is necessary to obtain an appropriate score from an equivalent internationally recognized exam to be determined by YÖK.
  • Foreign Student Achievement Assessment: The order of achievement is made according to the graduation grade averages and it is carried out by the EYK decision and the evaluation of the institute's science department presidency.