Special Acceptance Conditions

Conditions and quotas for  Information Systems Non-Thesis Master's Program TR citizen and foreign nationality students, the proposal of the relevant EABD/EASD department regarding whether the foreign language conditions will apply are determined by EK decision and approval of Senate before the start of the academic semester and announced on theInstitute of Science and Technology (www.fbe.sakarya.edu.tr) page. 

Evaluation of achievement in admission to the non-thesis master's program:
Evaluation of achievement is made based on GPA. 
For foreign nationals;
Foreign student quotas are limited to "one" students per program. The quota may be increased if the relevant EABD/EASD department requests. 
Applicants must have an undergraduate or graduate GPA of at least "2.50" in the "4" grading system.
Foreign language conditions are not required for foreign nationals. 
ALES is not required for those who has completed their previous education outside of Turkey. At least "45" points in ALES exam is required for those who has completed their previous education in Turkey or it is required to obtain equivalent scores from an internationally recognized exam which is determinde by CoHE. 
Foreign Student Achievement Assessment:
Achievement order takes place on the basis of GPA, and by the evaluation of the EADD/EASD department and EYK decision.