Special Acceptance Conditions

Students who want to register to M.S. Program are required to complete the academic and legal process established by YOK and get passing grade in exams. The application conditions and acceptance process will be published in The Social Sciences Institute website prior to the academic semester start date ( www.sbe.sakarya.edu.tr ). A student who has already started an equivalent Ph.D. program in a national or international institute can apply for a transfer. Each student’s application will be evaluated individually based on the special conditions of the student degree he/she applied.

The program will be taught in Turkish. Student needs to be competent in Turkish in order to register in any Turkish taught class in the curriculum. International students who want to join our program from abroad needs make their application to the International Relations Directorate Erasmus Office. You can find detailed information about application and registration process on Erasmus Office website (www.erasmus.sakarya.edu.tr).